In tycoons you can obtain special bonuses through the government, to access these bonuses requires a certain amount of government points for each one. There are several ways to obtain government points, you can earn them or you can purchase them from the games developers and help support development of the application at the same time. Earned government points come from two main sources:

  • The initial government points you receive when you start the game.
  • Points earned by completing challenges, for every two levels you go up you gain one point.

What can I get with government points? Edit

Government points can be spent on a variety of bonuses in game from upgrading businesses without using money to providing extra business permits to expand your empire, this is a list of rewards available with government points and their costs:

  • Upgrade business without money (5-13 Government Points) - Upgrades any business without spending money, limited to 5 upgrades except with capacity.
  • Buy a new business without money or limits (10-25 Government Points) - Buy any business without spending money, also allows ignoring limits on business partners or permits.
  • Buy a new business permit (40 Government Points) - Gives you an extra business slot, remains even after business is demolished unlike purchasing a business.

Tips Edit

A few tips to get the most out of your government points:

  • Don't rush to spend your points, they are valuable you will regret spending them upgrading too early.
  • Don't buy businesses unless you have a plan and know you wont be deleting it.
  • Always plan ahead, never spend government points without a plan.
  • Be careful going over your permit limit, you will loose out on the extra slots if you need to change your business mix.
  • If you will be changing your business mix buy permits not businesses.