The market is the name for the resource trading system within tycoons, it operates as an unregulated free market system and as a result the prices result from the collective actions of players rather than being set by the game creators. Trades are executed through a matching system which works in a similar way to the stock market, orders can be placed either as market orders or as limit orders both of these are described bellow. More detailed information on the workings of the market trading system will be added soon.

Market Orders Edit

Market orders are trades set to execute at any price possible, they will execute if there is any order to match it too whatever the price. This usually means that they execute immediately however they will do so at the worst prices.

Limit Orders Edit

Limit orders are trades set to execute only when the price is a certain level or better, so sell orders will execute against a buy order which has a price higher than the limit set or for buy orders when there is a sell order at a lower price than the limit. If there is no matching orders in the system a limit order will wait in the system for up to 24 hours and will execute when there are orders suitable to match against.

It should also be noted that with limit orders the highest limit buy orders and the lowest limit sell orders will get priority in the system and be executed first if there is a match.