Businesses in tycoon are divided up into 9 sectors, each containing a selection of businesses which produce related products. Each player also has a specialist sector which gives them bonuses on business purchases in that one sector.

The Sectors Edit

  • Agriculture - Contains businesses which grow basic products, most of these are inputs to the Dining sector although some are used elsewhere.
  • Apparel - Contains businesses which produce cloth and clothing that are used by the housing sector.
  • Automotive - Contains businesses which produce Automotive parts and Autos, inputs for the housing sector.
  • Dining - Contains businesses which produce food to be consumed by the housing sector.
  • Entertainment - Contains businesses which produce entertainment for the housing sector.
  • Finanacials - Contains businesses which produce money.
  • Housing - Contains businesses that produce people and population.
  • Raw Materials - Contains businesses that produce Raw Materials, used in the Automotive & Apparel sectors amongst others.
  • Utilities - Contains businesses that produce Utilities used by a variety of sectors.

Sector Bonuses Edit

As a player you will have one sector in which you specialize, this will be the one you selected at the start of the game unless you have purchased a change from the government. When you purchase a business included in your sector you will receive some special bonuses that you do not get in other sectors in particular you will benefit from:

  • Half price purchases on businesses in your sector.
  • A 10% bonus to your production for all businesses in your sector.

Note: The production bonus is rounded down, as such there are businesses where you will receive no production bonus even if it is within your sector because their upgraded output is less than 10 units per 5 min. e.g. the Car Assembly Plant